Manicures can become “You Time”

No matter if you are a fashionista , a mom on the go, a retired professional or simply just want so “me time” getting nail services are a fantastic way of spending quality time for yourself.

There are all kinds of reasons to get a manicure and most people may not know that there are actually a number of benefits. However, most people simply get their manicure done for a few most common reasons, clean healthy nails, pretty polish and relaxation. New clean polish or relaxation are only a small part of what a manicure can do for you.

I meet a lot of people each week and the typical conversation is why they came in for that manicure service. I hear all kinds of reasons, vacation, wedding, first dates, anniversaries and so many more. Often during these services I offer reasons why they may benefit from continued treatments. Understanding why to get one and when you should get one is important to being able to justify the cost of a weekly, bi weekly or monthly manicure service.

“A manicure is a beauty treatment for the hands. Although, the treatment is applied directly to the nails, the entire hand actually gets the benefit. The primary purpose of a manicure is to maintain the hand’s overall health. As such, it includes some basic steps that results to clean and healthy hands.” Read more at Nails-Guide.


  • Harsh winter weather is on its way out and the sun is finally shining again. If weather has taken its toll on your nails and cuticles you can revive your nails and get your cuticles moisturized and in shape through a pampering manicure. You will be surprised at the effect this relaxing treatment will have on your nails and you will be all set to paint those tips in the color of your choice. Everyday stress, harsh weather conditions and lack of care makes your hands chapped and dry and drains out all their moisture. A manicure is the perfect way to revive your skin and let it breathe again.
  • Relaxation and pampering — Ask the average woman what she wants out of spa or salon service and chances are she will say relaxation! Relieve your stress and experience some valuable ‘me time’ at your favorite spa and you will notice the difference not only in your hands but also in your mood. Follow it with some coffee with your girls and voilà! Here’s your recipe for a perfect girls day out.
  • Health of the nail- the health of the nail can be a tricky and frankly a mystery to most. I get asked all the time “why are my nails in such bad shape?” Well many doctors cannot even tell you why nails do what they do. My philosophy is simple really. The nails are at the furthest point from the heart. The internal body is supplying all of your organs, and unfortunately the nails get the last of everything! Whatever is happening inside the body can also directly affect the health of the hair, skin and nails. Maintaining a healthy nail with a regular manicure can ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep things looking and feeling great.
  • Cleanliness and presentation- no matter what your career is clean hands and nails are important. People will judge you for many reasons, they decide things like are you professional, are you aware of your personal appearance and are you a detailed individual. Un-kept fingernails can say a lot about how you feel about these things. Chipped nail polish or dirty nails will tell a big story about you and can certainly make or break that important job or event you are working hard to get.
  • Trendy and in fashion nail colors- Fashion is all around us, TV, magazines, movies and most commonly the internet! Pinterest is one of the biggest sources for circulating nail art, polish trends and new hot items on the market. Many of us are quite capable of applying a coat or two of polish but most cannot. Having a trusted nail technician to help you re-create that new trendy look will ensure that you have nails to show all of your friends and family!