If you feel your hair has gotten a bit out of control after a few weeks without a visit to your barber or salon. Is it time to pull out the scissors?

Most professional stylists agree with Pittman: don’t cut your hair. They say scissors in your home likely aren’t designed to cut hair, and they will end up causing damage. You can try to section your hair, and cut, but we say the chances are you really won’t like the result.

we suggest men embrace the buzz cut. A buzz cut starts with an electric razor. Snap-on the largest guard so you don’t cut closer than you want. You can always go back and cut more.

We advise, “cut with the growth, and then go opposite so you actually cover every ounce of hair that’s on the head.”


“This is a time to embrace being free being natural. Embrace the ponytail. The up do’s. go high medium to the side. Have fun. Do some braids.”

As for coloring your hair, we say don’t go with hair dyes or even box kits because obtaining an even color is extremely difficult. “Go with spray-on color or even eye shadow,”