Whether you’re due for a routine trim or a root touch-up, there are plenty of ways to keep your strands healthy and strong until the next time you make it to the salon.

How to keep your hair color at home:

  • If your salon is still open, call your colorist and ask them to put together an at-home color kit so you can touch up your roots on your own. In cases where your local salon is closed, celebrity colorist Matt Rez suggests asking your colorist to hit up a pro store and create a color kit and send it to you. “This is where colorists buy their supplies and, as of now, they’re still open,” he said.
  • Looking for a basic, quick fix to cover up your roots? Rez suggests using some brown eye shadow.
  • Want to extend the life of your color? Try using a dry shampoo to avoid overwashing and prevent fading until you can get back to the salon.
  • Know your limits! Some things are best left to the pros. “Do not attempt at-home highlighting or lightening of your hair. This can lead to major costly color corrections,” Rez said.

How to keep your hair color strong at home:

  • Give your hair some extra TLC while you’re stuck at home. “Now is a great time to not wash your hair and get those natural oils in there. Conditioning treatments are perfect for this time. If you don’t have one at home, you can always make one using coconut oil or olive oil. And it’s great because you can leave it in for the whole day and then rinse it out since you’re not going anywhere,” Brown said.
  • Celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher suggests using this time to grow your hair out so you can experiment with new styles. You can also practice air-drying your hair and avoiding hot tools to keep it healthy.
  • Try some fun hair accessories. “If your hair is long overdue for a cut, then it may be time to embrace headbands,” said Gina Rivera, CEO of Phenix Salon Suites and hair artist.