Summer is awesome—until it isn’t. Until it flattens your waves, turns your curls into a nest of frizz, and leaves your scalp covered in a slick layer of perspiration and grease. If the world were a magical fairytale, we’d all have a professional hairstylist (probably, in this scenario, a cartoon bird) on call to turn our sweaty, limp hair into Instagram-worth updos and braids. But this is reality, and you’ve only got your two hands to rely on for a kickass summer hairstyle.

So to make the job easier, I broke down the nine biggest hair trends you’re about to see on every celebrity and “cool” girl this season. They’re all crazy gorgeous and surprisingly easy to DIY at home, as long as you know your way around a hair tie. Check out your new style lineup, ahead, and prepare for an entire summer of excellent hair days.