Choosing the right hairstyle can improve your confidence and change your life. You probably see people with beautiful hairstyles, either in person or on TV, and imagine what it would look like on you. But, the key is finding the hairstyle that’s perfect for YOU.

While there is nothing that can compare to the advice of a professionally trained hair stylist, here are a few basic guidelines that can help you decide on the perfect look for your hair.

Consider the shape of your face. One rule of thumb for designing your hairstyle is to work in opposition with your features. For example, someone with square features should balance them with wavy, loose layers.

Pick a style that works with your hair’s texture. This is a rudimentary principle for styling hair than any professional should have mastered. Certain hairstyles compliment silky, thin hair, while others cuts look better on those with curly, thick hair.

Play up your features. A good hairstyle should highlight your favorite features. You can use bangs that fall directly above your brow to bring out your eyes or a short cut to highlight your neck.

Play down your flaws. In the same way that you can use a haircut to highlight your favorite features, you can draw attention away from features that you find unattractive. For instance, if you dislike the size of your ears, neck, or forehead, opt for styles that cover up or downplay them.

Add some color. Adding a bit of color to your hair can even out your skin tone and quickly improve your overall appearance. Ask your stylist for advice on what they feel is the best choice for your skin tone.

Trust the pros. Professional hair stylists at Palma’s have 1000’s of hours of training so that they can provide their clients with the perfect look