Although your wedding day is a day unlike any other, your bridal style shouldn’t stray too far from the personal style you rock everyday. After all, when you look back on your wedding photos decades down the line, you want to look like you, right? That’s why it’s always best to plan your big-day look—from your wedding dress to your makeup—around, well, yourself, and not all the other brides you’ve been following on Instagram.

So, when it comes to your wedding hairstyle, should you let your curls tumble over your shoulders or sweep your tresses into a traditional updo? What about a boho braid, or sleek straightened locks? How do you decide what’s right for you? It’s simple! Just consider your personality type.

We asked top stylists to share their hairstyle suggestions for each and every personality type. Whether you consider yourself an ultra-chill, go-with-the-flow bride or a true type-A personality, you can find a wedding hairstyle that’s totally Y-O-U, below.

For The Free-Spirited, Wild-Child Bride…

If you’re all about having a good time and prefer going barefoot to high heels, opt for something loose, undone, and natural. “This can play into a relaxed, messy braid, twists, or really anything that has a low-key look,” says Egle Miciene, master stylist at Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills. “In playing up your free-spirited nature, you can also add wildflowers to the hair,” suggests Miciene. “But everything should be kept light, flowing, and effortless.”

For The Non-Traditional, Out-of-the-Box Bride…

If breaking the rules is one of your favorite pastimes, you’ll first want to seek out the assistance of a stylist who gets you and the look you’d like to rock on your wedding day.

For this kind of unconventional gal, Jenny Johnson, hair stylist at Blackstones Salon in New York City, suggests a fresh take on a vintage style. “Think ’70s-style straight with a middle part, ’20s finger waves, ’40s victory rolls, or ’50s brushed out curls,” she says. “First consider what inspires you and then explore what makes sense for your hair and individual style.”

For The Type-A, Perfectionist Bride…

If you’re the type of bride who’s been imagining every little detail of your wedding since you knew what weddings were, we have a feeling you already know exactly what kind of ‘do works best for you. Stylists recommend one of two options. The first would be Old Hollywood waves that gently add softness and sophistication to your overall look.

The second would be a classic sleek style, such as a chignon, twist, or a bun. “This is great for a type-A personality, as all of the bride’s hair will be off her face,” says Neil Cleminson, hair stylist at Bhave Hair. “It’s a very polished look, leaving no hair out of place.”

For the Innovative, Entrepreneurial Bride…

As for #GirlBosses, your wedding-day hairstyle might call for some unique qualities. Egle Miciene loves creating elegant ponytails for the creative, business-savvy bride. “A ponytail has a modern feel and can be done in various styles to compliment each individual bride, from a low and loose style to a messy, high ponytail,” she says. “To really highlight your personality, you can even add hair accessories.”

For the Stubborn, DIY Bride

If you’re especially picky when it comes to your wedding-day hair, you might be anxious to let someone else—even a professional—call the shots. And that’s okay! If you’re the type of bride who’d prefer to do her own hair on the big day, all you need are some styling tools, products, and a bit of confidence.

“This type of woman can prep her hair with volumizer and gel, blow it out, then pop in some hot rollers while she does her own makeup and gets dressed,” says Carrie Butterworth, senior stylist at Roy Teeluck Salon in New York City.

For the No-Fuss, Easy-Going Bride

If whatever your stylist has in mind sounds just fine, considering the list of styles you don’t like might be an easier way to figure out what’s the best wedding-day look for you. Do you feel sexiest with your hair up or down? If your tresses are free-flowing, will you be fussing with your hair all night? Do your locks have a tendency to go limp or frizz after a few hours? These are all questions you should ask yourself when settling on a style.

Jenny Johnson recommends a soft billowy texture for both up and down ‘dos for this kind of bride. “A partial pin back with a deep side-part can be very romantic and may suit this personality type nicely,” she says.